Camera Settings for Renderings and Photography

We may be based in Houston, but we create renderings of amazing buildings all over the world, and one of the questions I’m asked often is “How do we make them look so real?” I will say 3ds Max as

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37th Annual Telly Award

We are very proud to announce that 2 of our 3D films, Garland Natatorium Animation and our 2015 Show Reel were both selected to receive a Telly Award in the 37th Annual Telly Awards Competition!  

Interview with Autodesk at AU2015

We were fortunate enough to be interviewed by Autodesk last year at AU 2015.  Below are a few clips from our interview that shed some insight into a few of our processes. This is the full class that sheds a

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V-ray Spotlights!

V-ray is great, the GI, the speed. But how do you create a spotlight with a v-ray light? It can be done!  Typically when you create a v-ray light, by default, it is a v-ray light plane.  At first glance

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Lego Conference Table Timelapse Build

Timelapse showing our build of our conference table.  It took a 2 hr trip to the Lego store to get all the pieces we needed  

Lego Conference Table

Have a look at our newly finished conference table! Eames table base, glass top, 15 mini figures and over 8000 Lego bricks.

5th & West

One of our latest projects, 5th & West, will be going up right in the heart of downtown Austin, TX.  The building is 39 stories and features an elegant lobby and lounge. There are 3 different unit floor plans as well

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Revit to 3dsmax

Revit among architects is much more common these days, and it makes everyone’s job easier including 3D artists.  However getting that revit model into 3dsmax is not always the most straight forward process, and finding the right workflow from Revit

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Our new office sign

We are always having fun in our office, but sometimes we get to really play. Our new office sign is now finished. We wanted to display something that not only pushes our creative muscles, but also demonstrates how we feel

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David Anderson getting Tilted

Tiltpixel is pleased to announce our latest member, David Anderson. As an Architectural Visualization Specialist, Dave has over fifteen years of experience creating 3D interior and exterior commercial building models. He has a broad knowledge of texturing, lighting, and rendering,

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