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As a creative studio, our process hinges on dialogue and partnership. Whether specific direction is provided by the client or a loose vision is shared, the success of each deliverable is dependent upon open communication and a willingness to frequently gather and respond to feedback. It is this collaborative, responsive method that propels a project forward.

By conducting all work in our Houston-based studio, we maintain tight control over our quality level. Stunning clarity of space and light, perfected details and an accurate portrayal of our client’s ultimate vision. These are inherent in TILTPIXEL deliverables, and these are the elements of success in visualization.

Our team of artists and designers manage projects ranging in scope. From a short-turnaround rendering to a large-scale 3D animation, we attack each challenge with a vigorous focus on top quality and productive client interaction.

3D Illustrations

Our 3D illustrations can present the intricate interiors of a residential townhome, the sweeping facades of a sleek skyscraper, or the photorealistic exteriors of a high-end retail development. No matter what the project, our goal is the same: to evoke emotion, to persuade the audience, and to support our clients in architectural design and real estate.


Animations pair 3D technology with tools such as drone shoots and green screens to capture the imagination of the intended audience. There is sometimes no better way to tell a story than to carry the viewer through the design, to present a narrative and engage with music and movement. These are the films that will leave an impression, that will remain with the audience long after the screen goes dark.

Virtual Reality

VR is perhaps the most powerful method of immersing an audience in an imagined space. A walk-through is now a high-tech experience that takes place long before construction is complete. Developers at the forefront of technology are increasingly turning to 3D studios to transport potential tenants and propel marketing efforts to the next level.

Campaign Graphics

We start with strategy, and we partner with clients to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns that extend beyond 3D. We create logos, websites, brochures and environmental graphics that pair with high-end renderings and VR tours in a seamless, coherent way. Brand identity is translated across platforms, and we deliver signage and print collateral that are crucial elements of a robust marketing toolkit.

No matter what the deliverable at TILTPIXEL, success is achieved through a passion for details, a clear understanding of architecture and design, a boldness in creativity and a flexible response to the needs of each client.