Join us for Black Spectacles “Office Hours”

Bring your Vray for Sketchup, Sketchup & 3ds Max questions to Office Hours September 25th with Ramy Hanna You lob them up, and Ramy knocks them down!  Office Hours is a live, interactive online webinar, in which you can ask your own specific questions to one of our Authors.  Maybe you are working on something, and have gotten stuck, or have a general question about design technology- we’ll open up your file, and you can ask these questions at Office Hours.  Since its a live, interactive event, you will listen in to others questions- which is a great way to learn too!


Our September 25th Office Hours is with Ramy Hanna, a regular genius when it comes to making beautiful 3d renderings.  He’s also taught a couple of courses at Black Spectacles on Sketchup3ds MaxAfter Effects &Photoshop. Office Hours is on September 25th, and runs from 7:30pm CST- to 8:30pm CST. We’ll take questions in the order in which people register.  Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation with details on how to join the webinar, and a dropbox folder where you can post a file that we can open up during your question time. You can register here