ASAI 2019 Conference Recap

It was a celebration of all things art and architecture in a city teeming with innovation.

TILTPIXEL Partner, Corey Harper, was recently awarded the 2019 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize for his work on Rockefeller Group’s 1271 Avenue of the Americas. Presented by CGarchitect’s Jeff Mottle at the annual Awards Ceremony for the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI), Corey’s prize was the crowning achievement of the organization’s Architecture in Perspective (AIP) competition. This was the 34th year for AIP, and over 85 individuals were celebrated for outstanding achievement in architectural illustration from a field of over 500 entrants. ASAI bridges traditional and digital technologies, recognizing the importance of works from a wide array of media – everything from hand sketches and oil paintings to 3D renderings. It also highlights a diverse membership, from students to professional artists, from solo artists to teams, both US and international.

This year’s conference was held in Hollywood, California and led by Keely Colcleugh, 2019 President of ASAI. Keely curated an inspiring cast of speakers and tours, and conference attendees praised the line-up throughout the three day event. Professionals in film and gaming were followed by artists specializing in paint or photography. The agenda left no interest unexplored. With Keely, one of the top architectural visualizers in the field, it was a celebration of all things art and architecture in a city teeming with innovation.

Corey’s work was displayed at a public art exhibition on the second evening of the conference, and awards were presented on the final evening at a seated dinner and reception. The Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize is considered ASAI’s top honor – and it is one of the highest professional achievements for an artist in the field of architectural illustration. Corey is humbled to be an AIP and Hugh Ferriss awards recipient, and TILTPIXEL is grateful to ASAI for continuing to advance the art and science of architectural visualization.

2019 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize

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TILTPIXEL is proud to receive the following in the 2019 International Architecture in Perspective Competition:

  • 2019 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize
  • 2019 Rendering Juror Award by Shannon Han
  • 2019 Rendering Award of Excellence  

The winning renderings were all created for Rockefeller Group’s 1271 Avenue of the Americas.