TILTPIXEL Wins the 2019 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize

TILTPIXEL is proud to be chosen as the winner of the 2019 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize – the top award from a field of almost 500 entries from around the world!

Our rendering of 1271 Avenue of the Americas was granted the honor. The Hugh Ferriss prize is presented each year by the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) and is considered one of the highest professional honors for an architectural illustrator. The recognition is granted through Architecture in Perspective, the world’s preeminent exhibition of architectural illustration, due to take place this year in Hollywood, California.

1271 Avenue of the Americas served as a bold opportunity to showcase the beauty and simplicity of black and white imagery in a landscape that is full of noise and bustle. We partnered with our client, Rockefeller Group, as they are currently driving a top-to-bottom renovation of the former Time Life Building, an icon of mid-century modern architecture and the first expansion of Rockefeller Center across 6th Avenue.

In conjunction with a new advertising campaign spearheaded by The&Partnership, TILTPIXEL was tasked with reimagining the glory of 1271 in the context of a grand and timeless Manhattan. We collaborated with Rockefeller Group to translate their vision, creating a series of powerful renderings to depict the grandeur of a revitalized 1271. These images were a strong component of an overall marketing campaign, allowing Rockefeller Group to highlight the renovated building in the context of historical architecture.

1271 serves as a good example of the importance of visualization in strengthening a brand message, driving excitement amongst stakeholders, and ultimately selling real estate.

TILTPIXEL earned three awards for our work with Rockefeller Group:

  • 2019 Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize
  • 2019 Rendering Juror Award by Shannon Han
  • 2019 Rendering Award of Excellence

Architecture in Perspective winners, including TILTPIXEL’s prize-winning rendering of 1271 Avenue of the Americas, will be showcased not only in the exhibition, but also in ASAI’s 34th annual catalog, a beautiful book of art that encapsulates the current movement in traditional and digital representation of architectural subjects.

As the former President of ASAI in 2017, TILTPIXEL Partner, Corey Harper, was thrilled to hear the news that 1271 earned the coveted Hugh Ferriss. “It’s a big honor for our studio. It gets us excited to do more projects that really stand out artistically and professionally.”

Congratulations to Corey, Rockefeller Group and The&Partnership, as all three were integral in shaping the vision for this campaign.

As a legendary building that has graced the New York City landscape for decades, 1271 is story and history unto itself. The renovation and restoration of such as important facet of midtown Manhattan represents an exciting endeavor worthy of thoughtful and impactful marketing efforts.

How can we bring life to your next project? We’ll energize your marketing campaigns through inspired visualization – from renderings and film, to VR, real-time and more.

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