Our new office sign

We are always having fun in our office, but sometimes we get to really play. Our new office sign is now finished. We wanted to display something that not only pushes our creative muscles, but also demonstrates how we feel about our work (fun). That’s why we decided to go with Legos for our sign. Because we do renderings, what better way to mock up our sign than in 3D? We used SketchUp to mock up the sign. So we overlaide the logo over the standard Lego grid in 3D and began building blocks to fill the letters. We color-coded each brick type.


Color coding the brick types allowed SketchUp to keep track of how many of each blocks we needed. When the virtual logo was complete, we could simply look at the list of brick types rather than have to count how many of each piece we would need. With the exact number of pieces, we ordered them on lego.com.


2014-09-10-12.55.59For the other specialty pieces, we got them from a our local lego store, and e-bay took care of the rest of them. Checkout our facebook page for some more detail shots.