Innovators in Virtual Reality Gather on the Venetian Coast

Earlier this month, TILTPIXEL partner, Corey Harper, joined leading arch viz professionals at the inaugural International Conference on Augmented and Virtual Reality, or Im-Arch. The two-day Immersive Architecture conference was followed by a full day of workshops and gathered 160 attendees from 26 countries. Located on San Servolo Island off Venice, Italy, the program focused on architecture, real estate and cultural heritage.

In its first year, Im-Arch succeeded in rallying arch viz artists who wish to enhance their design process and expand their client communications with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. As a means of educating, networking, collaborating and sharing ideas, the conference was undeniably successful.

TILTPIXEL is responding to virtual reality requests on an increasing basis, delivering immersive experiences for developers who seek to complement their marketing campaigns with the latest innovations in architectural visualization. Im-Arch, powered by CGarchitect and a dozen other sponsors, enabled Corey to experiment with devices and collaborate with leaders in the European and American markets. With the technology rapidly expanding, a yearly gathering of artists is an important method of education and innovation. Paired with prosecco on the Venetian coast, conference seminars and workshops will be a can’t-miss industry event for both TILTPIXEL and arch viz firms worldwide.

Wish you were there? Check out Corey’s photos from Italy, and get early bird tickets for 2018 here.