Greystar Embracing 3D Renderings

Working with TILTPIXEL is nothing short of exceptional.  – Hannah Bailey, Greystar

Greystar is the global leader in rental housing with business services in property management, investment management and development and construction. They are responsible for over 754,000 multifamily units globally with 215 global markets.

Elan Rosemary

A secret to part of their success is how they have been able to partner with us on the creation of their marketing materials and visuals for their properties. We’ve been working with Greystar for over 10 years now by generating high quality, photo-realistic visuals to help sell their visions. They have been able to tap into our talented artists to create the most compelling content.

According Greystar’s Hannah Bailey, Senior Associate of U.S. Strategic Property Marketing, she says “Working with TILTPIXEL is nothing short of exceptional. The team is willing to complete the most detailed requests with their renderings and always do so in a timely manner.” What makes our process unique is that we do all the work in-house so communication with the client is instant and nothing gets lost in translation. In addition we’re able to bring our expertise and knowledge of architecture, interior design, photography, and storytelling really send home the message.

Overture 9th + Co

We have now worked on Overture, Elan, Album brands in addition to specialty luxury properties for Greystar. The visuals have come in a variety of still renderings, animations, and VR tours. In fact, we have worked on over 65 properties with 360 plus renderings, animations and tours.

One of the largest markets we’ve worked on has been the Active Adult areas, boasting hundreds of properties throughout the United States. Bailey goes on to say, “I am very appreciative of Greystar Active Adult’s partnership with TILTPIXEL, who continues to produce beautiful and realistic renderings that help achieve leasing goals for our new developments nationwide.”