Black & White Renderings Depict Dramatic Restoration of Historic Architecture

In 1959, history was made when Rockefeller Group opened 1271 Avenue of the Americas. As the first expansion of Rockefeller Center across 6th Avenue, the former Time & Life Building is considered an icon of mid-century modern architecture.

1271 is undergoing a top-to-bottom transformation by the celebrated architecture and planning firm, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. Last year, Rockefeller Group enlisted The&Partnership to revitalize marketing efforts and generate excitement for the ongoing renovation.

Upon reviewing timeless black and white photography of New York’s legendary buildings, The&Partnership initiated a new campaign to place 1271 in the center of it all. TILTPIXEL rendered a renovated 1271 and digitally inserted the restored building within black and white photos of the surrounding area. The aesthetic is classic, and it serves as a good reminder that some of the best renderings are those that merge seamlessly into a stunning backdrop.

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